Are you susceptible to a cyber breach?

33% of small businesses will suffer a cyber-attack


62% of businesses experience phishing and social engineering attacks


92% of malware is delivered via email

Affect on businesses

61% of businesses cannot operate after a cyber attack

Email and phone number exposure

Email and phone number breach awareness

Check if your corporate email addresses and phone numbers have been exposed on web sites that have been breached

Corporate Cloud Security

Secure your Microsoft Cloud

Our platform checks how secure your Microsoft 365 environment is and provides recommendations on how to better protect yourself and your business



After reviewing your security posture, our platform provides recommendations on the most effective steps you can take to improve your protection against cyber attack

We make it easy

Step 1

Sign in with your work account. Our platform will automatically check whether the email addresses and phone numbers in your company have been breached and how secure your Microsoft 365 environment is

Step 2

We'll provide a list of your email addresses and phone numbers have been breached, along with recommendations on how to improve your cloud security

Step 3

We want you to be cyber safe in your personal life too - therefore our platform provides you with the ability to have your personal email address & phone number checked too

We make it affordable


$99 once off

Check how safe your business is from the most common cyber attacks

  • Scan company email addresses for cyber risk

  • Scan company phone numbers for cyber risk

  • Perform a Security Audit of your Microsoft 365 environment

  • Scan your personal email and phone number for cyber risk

  • Actionable recommendations

  • Lifetime access. Charged on a per company basis

  • Pricing is AUD ex GST

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